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The Good Chameleon

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The Good Chameleon was a labour of love, like many on this new album. Normally I build my music from the rhythms up ... fixating on a compulsive groove before slowly introducing musical components around that groove, but in this case I took a different approach and chose a very musical starting point.

I put together a chain of stutter / glitch effects and began by feeding one of my all-time favourite pieces of music, Debussy's 'Claire de Lune' through the blender. This is a piece that I still play myself on the piano when I get half a chance, and it transports me back to happy childhood days, enjoying the sounds of those gravity-defying chords. The effects chain spat out lengthy chunks of random loops and over several days I sifted through hours of recordings to find new patterns that resonated, and slowly began to piece them back together.

The track itself slowly blossomed and I programmed to re-enforce those ideas as the song coagulated into what it finally became in this definitive album version.

For those of you interested in learning more about the process of making the track, check out the Pyramind Tutorial I hosted in February 2016 that dealt with it in more detail.


from Piece of Me [ALBUM 2016], released August 8, 2016



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Simon Shackleton Ashford, UK

Simon Shackleton is a hugely prolific, award-winning electronic musician and DJ, with 20 successful years in the industry, under a number of different guises.

Simon’s music has appeared on Hollywood Blockbusters, million-selling console-games, and sound-tracks many of the world’s biggest club floors with his unique brand of emotive house & techno, "music with heart and soul", on a weekly basis.
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