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Piece of Me [ALBUM 2016]

by Simon Shackleton

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Simon Jenkins
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Simon Jenkins I usually have to live with music for a bit before purchasing, but not with this.. My hand inched close to my wallet at the press of play on every track. Reminds me a little of Fluke in parts but it's on it's own and encapsulates everything I love about electronic music.


Piece of Me is a true labour of love. Written over a 4-year period whilst I was going through some extremely tough times personally, it's a rich & varied work that I'm extremely proud of. I hope you get a huge amount of pleasure from it.

“Shackleton’s music is machine-honed soul music, fractured digital missives from the heart of the rave, powered by an electronic pulse that, two decades after he first entered the public consciousness, is somehow pumping harder than ever”
[DJ Magazine]

"Piece of Me sets the bar high for the rest of the album, which doesn’t disappoint at all. Electronic albums have a tendency to be 25% singles and 75% filler. Not so here, Shackleton has produced an album that really gets under your skin. An album that you can feel as well as hear. "
[GetIntoThis - Album of the Month]

"Simon has expertly extracted the best elements of electronic music from the past thirty years and meshed them into a single, hypnotic song that worms its way into your head and sets your dopamine receptors on fire, spreading happy chemicals all over your brain, resulting in nothing short of euphoria."
[Love is Pop]

"The result of stepping off the dance music hamster wheel is the splendid, deeply personal yet gloriously accessible new album "Piece of Me", Shackleton's first under his own name. From the Giorgio Moroder-esque, vocoder-fuelled analogue throb of the title track, to the washed out, epic, sunkissed downtempo chill of "We Are Alone", to the shoegaze-influenced indie electronica of "Waterfall", it's a collection of work that seems about as far from the ultra-commercial world of EDM dance music as it is probably possible to get. It's as if the musician behind it decided to walk out into his own personal desert one day, and returned an entirely different creative creature.

"The peaktime electronic mayhem of his noughties ventures as Elite Force, is not entirely abandoned on "Pieces of Me". In fact, the barnstorming techno thriller "Bet it All" is classic Shackleton, all brooding tough-edged rhythms, big movie sample and a drop to have the bodies flying round the room. But elsewhere this is a more mature album, reflecting a freer, less club-focused period in the life of its creator."
[DJ Magazine]"


released August 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Simon Shackleton Ashford, UK

Simon Shackleton is a hugely prolific, award-winning electronic musician and DJ, with 20 successful years in the industry, under a number of different guises.

Simon’s music has appeared on Hollywood Blockbusters, million-selling console-games, and sound-tracks many of the world’s biggest club floors with his unique brand of emotive house & techno, "music with heart and soul", on a weekly basis.
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Track Name: Piece of Me
peace of mind, a piece of me
rolling on viciously
firefly pass me by
love me like a dragonfly
let me live
let me be
meet you by the wishing tree
take my hand
sing to me
your bittersweet symphony
shadow hills, shadow falls,
painted on the bedroom walls
a skeleton of light so soon
ushers in the silver moon
see beauty in the fire, in the flame
try to tame, try to reign me in
from spreading ever higher
face engraved upon my soul,
inner heat consume me whole
branded with a burning heart
that crumbles when we’re far apart
like sparks dancing in the night
red stars in the morning light
let it grow
let it spire
haunt me like a funeral pyre
see beauty in the fire, in the flame
on the road again
fever of the white lines, ignoring all the caution signs
aimlessly, endlessly
always be a part of me
powerlines against the sky
the dark eternal you & I
red, blue, pink & gold
rusting like forgotten souls
Track Name: All These Strange Ghosts
all these strange ghosts ... in my head
Track Name: Soothe
Soothe, soothe me now ...

'cos I'm coming down

and I don't know how
Track Name: Far & Wide (Further & Wider)
Found a road, Far & Wide
With side of hope & long-lost new pride
Lighting the spirit of the lost life …
Lighting the spirit of the next life
Unknown path – need a guide
To dial me back to the other side
Dark & Deep
To lose & hide
Never wait, this time & tide
Seeking heart, good old friend
Finding the buzz of bliss
As I near the end
Memories come when I need
The future’s in smiles,
Been sowing that seed.

Far & Wide
Track Name: Bet It All
When you have no move you do nothing.
Some days I make 20 bets,
some days I make none.
There are weeks, sometimes months in fact where I don't make a bet at all because there simply is no play.
So I wait, plan, marshall my resources, and when I finally see an opportunity and there is a bet to make ...

I bet it all.
Track Name: We Are Alone
We Are Alone
Nobody's Watching
Track Name: Carnival of Souls
watching from afar

a starburst splits the night

passionate & reckless

jonesing for the fight, or flight,

(or freeze) … don’t you bring me down,

bring me to my knees

this spirit’s growing stronger

than you & they believe

singing in the rain

dancing in the sun

and all this time the elemental

journey’s just begun,

you’re digging through the past with your

key inside the whole …

my shapes are wild abandon in this

carnival of souls
Track Name: Where Embers Glow
Where Embers Glow ... (oh)
Track Name: Afterglow
always going to try to fly
higher than the desert sky
past the point of turning back
the crimson sunset fades to black
in the afterglow of afterhours

you are my break of dawn
you are my fire raging on
you are the shadow on the bedroom wall
you are the sound of one & all
in the afterglow of afterhours

in the afterglow of afterhours
Track Name: Waterfall
When I hear the call I crawl inside your Waterfall.